Hi friends, Im Kels..

..A little bit about me..

I love comfy clothes, I hate mornings, and I have a bit of an addiction to diet dr pepper.. I am obsessed with true crime, I crave a good rainstorm and my idea of a perfect day is a snow day spent in our PJs! I’m a mom to 3 blondie girls with the cutest little faces that I want to kiss 100 times a day & a wife to a stud that takes such good care of all of us! It takes a real champ to be a dad to all girls, that’s for sure!

The past 10 years of running my little business has been an adventure! There have been times that I want to throw in the towel because I’m not “Good enough” or I am exhausted and overwhelmed. As someone that has dealt with anxious ADD my whole life, it can be tricky running a business on my own. Constantly comparing myself to others, picking my work apart and struggling to keep up with work and family is a daily struggle. As a worrier to the extreme, I tend to be cautious and indecisive but the older I get, the more I am learning to face AND embrace my fears, work through them and am realizing that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for.. Every time I start to get discouraged I have to remind myself how passionate I am about what I do, and how lucky I am to be doing it!

I love so many things about photography- it feels like so much more than a “job”. I love the energy I feel after I spend an evening with you. I love capturing parts of your story through photos. I love watching your family grow up. I love it when I show up to a shoot and your kids remember me from the year before and I am greeted with a hug! I love the cute little “scrunched up nose smile” I get when I tell your kids, “Don’t you dare smile! It’s way too cute!” I love reliving your session with me as I edit your photos. I love all the beautiful places I get to explore with you. I love learning and evolving as a photographer. I love my community of fellow photographers. I love all the beautiful humans that have trusted me to photograph them and their families year after year.

I love that I can capture MY OWN FAMILY through my lens and I can freeze those moments forever.~ MY FAMILY IS MY EVERYTHING and what started as a passion for documenting every stage of their little lives has turned into so much more. Thank goodness for that!