Sad story.. I lost my entire website. 8 years of blog posts all gone! Tragic.. but at the same time, kinda ok. Lets be honest, There are a few stages of editing that I want to forget ever happened. :)

So welcome to my brand new website!

A few questions I have been getting A LOT!

1. Did you quit photography?

NO! I rarely ever post on Facebook.. To be honest, I don't use facebook very often but you can find my work on Instagram: @photography_bykels  .... and I haven't closed the door on Facebook! Convince me that it's worth my time!!?? I am also trying to find a good balance of home and work.. every year I get a little closer to finding it. I am finally learning about that little 2 letter word I used to never use.. Starts with an "N" ends with an "O". 

2. Do you photograph weddings again?

Unfortunately that would be a no. Every time I consider it I get a nervous tummy ache.. which I think might be a good indicator that its not a good idea. But if you would like me to point you in the direction of some great wedding photographers let me know. 


3. Are you taking new clients?

Yes! But unfortunately I am not able to take on a ton of new clients.. I have an amazing tribe of people that I have been able to photograph for years so I always give them first dibs. 


4. Do you travel?

Yep! If you would like me to come to your city let me know.. If you are able to recruit enough families to book a session with me while I am there you would get your session for 50% off. 

5. Do you still do mini sessions?

Yes. I will be offering more mini session days in the future.. I have loved them this year and they are such a great option for those with little ones that only have so much patience for me. :)

6. Are you photographing newborns again?

YES!! I actually never quit... but I wasn't taking a ton! Life just got so crazy and I had to take a step back. I have missed those snuggly little newborns so dang much and I am so excited to get back into them. These will NOT be the same sort of session that I used to offer. These are taken from the comfort of your own home and are so special! You can see some of my lifestyle session work here and for additional information/pricing you can find more of that here

Please let me know if you have any other burning questions and thanks for stopping by my new website.. also those of you who are looking into a website, I would highly recommend SQUARESPACE! Unbelievable!